Other Events

IBioS Dr. Erin Sills: “Causal Inference, Conservation Science, and Carbon Offsets”

IBioS/Food and Resource Economics Seminar

April 14th, 3:00-4:00 PM, MCML Room 154 in the FRE building.

EcoEvo Symposium

The EcoEvo Symposium: Another exciting event coming up this month — join us on October 22nd and 23rd for a series of amazing talks on topics related to conservation, biodiversity, and environmental issues.

Register before October 9th: Don’t miss out on a fun weekend of science, food and social activities with your colleagues! Register at the link below, or find more information in the “Events” page of the IBioS website:

Global Change Symposium

Climate change, biodiversity loss, and disease emergence are the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. While the pairwise interactions between climate, biodiversity and disease are well documented, we lack a framework that integrates all three and that recognizes the powerful positive and negative feedbacks between them. This symposium will illustrate the recent findings on mechanisms that connect climate change, biodiversity, and disease across multiple disciplines.

This is a series of talks and discussions with invited guest speakers Drs. Lauren Buckley
(UW), Allan Carroll (UBC), John Drake (UGA), John Gittleman (UGA), Claire Kremen (UBC),
Patrick Stephens (OSU), and more, which we hope will inspire the integration of research
disciplines to better understand global change. Register here for the symposium on August 8th from 9:00am-5:00pm PDT.